The Most Advanced Orthodontic Scanner: The iTero Element

Dr. Adams is proud to offer the most advanced in proven dental systems and technology. 

Say goodbye to the goopy, messy way associated with taking traditional impressions! Taking the place of outdated & often uncomfortable impressions is the iTero Element scanner. 

More comfortable, more precise, and faster than traditional impressions, 3d Digital scanning is the clear way to make a good first impression. 

Synonymous with high precision & accuracy, the iTero Element takes a 3D digital scan of the teeth & bite. A high-def image sensor captures 6,000 frames a second and simultaneously streams the images to the screen for instant viewing. 

The fast & easy 3D impression can be used with all Invisalign related services, including a Treatment Outcome Simulator that shows you what your new smile might look like after Invisalign! 

With our specially trained team, beautiful office, the most advanced dental technology & services, be our guest & let us make an excellent first impression! 

Conventional vs Digital Impressions

No more goop, gagging, or discomfort. Using an iTero scanner, your orthodontist can take a highly accurate digital impression of your teeth and jaw. The new technology completely eliminates the tray and putty impressions, where the experience is comparable to stuffing a big wad of gum in your mouth. The old technique is incredibly unpleasant and frequently results in taking multiple rounds of impressions that can be rejected, broken, or misplaced. The iTero scanner ensures a more accurate impression from the start, resulting in improved treatment and a more comfortable patient experience. Digital impressions also give you the ability to see your teeth instantly in 3D, improving communication during the consultation and treatment process.

Conventional Impressions Digital Impressions


How Does it Work?

The iTero scanner digitally captures the structure of the teeth and gums using the latest optical technology. The scanner is a compact, hand-held wand. Once your orthodontist begins the scanning process, it can be stopped and started as many times as necessary.

Your mouth is scanned with a radiation-free laser, and in as little as two to three minutes, the laser renders a digitally perfect, 3D impression of your teeth and soft tissue structures. Through digital software, you'll then be able to follow the progress of the scans, including a 3D model of your teeth on our computer screen. The iTero scanner can be used for any orthodontic treatment, Invisalign®.

3D Scan

Get your beautiful, healthy smile…faster!

Do you want to improve the look of your smile, but don’t want to spend years in braces or aligners? With AcceleDent®, you can speed your tooth movement by up to 50%! Using this fast, safe, and easy-to-use hands-free device, you'll be finished with your orthodontic treatment and achieve your desired smile faster!

What Is AcceleDent?

AcceleDent is a Class II medical device, cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), clinically proven to accelerate tooth movement by up to 50%. It’s the first orthodontic device of its kind to offer accelerated orthodontic treatment and help decrease orthodontic discomfort in a noninvasive, nonsurgical way. AcceleDent is only available by prescription from your orthodontist.

It’s Fast. It’s Safe. It’s Gentle.

Experience AcceleDent® with a 100% satisfaction guarantee*.

FreySmiles is an exclusive AcceleDent® NOW™ provider, offering patients a 60-day trial of AcceleDent.  Our patients have the unique opportunity to experience the benefits of accelerated treatment with the leading technology available with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Whether you are currently in or about to start orthodontic treatment, ask us if accelerated treatment with AcceleDent is right for you so you can start your trial of AcceleDent today! 

*Promotional offer is not transferable.  100% Satisfaction Guarantee is only available during the 60-day trial of AcceleDent with the AcceleDent NOW program.  If patient is not 100% satisfied with AcceleDent during the 60-day trial and has notified the orthodontist on or prior to the end of the 60-day trial, the orthodontist will issue a credit for the full amount paid during the 60-day trial period. 

How Does AcceleDent Work?

By inserting the mouthpiece fitted around your braces or aligners for just 20 minutes a day, AcceleDent speeds tooth movement through the use of SoftPulse Technology®. Faster tooth movement decreases the duration of your orthodontic treatment and can help make your experience more comfortable. Part of the way that orthodontics works is by changing or remodeling the bones surrounding your teeth. As this remodeling process is accelerated, your teeth move more quickly. AcceleDent’s gentle micropulses can speed bone remodeling, accelerate tooth movement and reduce orthodontic discomfort for patients of all ages, including children, teens and adults.

What Are AcceleDent Patients Saying? 

  • I got my braces off almost a year before they were supposed to because of AcceleDent!” – Dylan L., AcceleDent Patient
  • I have used AcceleDent every day during my orthodontic treatment, and I love it!” – Jennifer K., AcceleDent Patient
  • AcceleDent has cut my treatment time in half.” – Caitlyn F., AcceleDent Patient
  • AcceleDent is my best friend on adjustment day!” – Sonyah M., AcceleDent Patient
  • Not only have my teeth moved very quickly, but using AcceleDent has greatly reduced the discomfort that I feel while wearing braces.” – Barbara K., AcceleDent Patient
  • I’m getting amazing results with AcceleDent!” – Scott M., AcceleDent Patient
  • I strongly recommend AcceleDent for anyone who wants to reduce their treatment time, and it’s so easy to use!” – Jean B., AcceleDent Patient
  • I found it easy to include the 20-minute routine into my day and am extremely happy with the results.” – Alex, AcceleDent Patient

How to Use and Care for AcceleDent Aura 

Accelerated Invisalign and Greater Comfort

By inserting the AcceleDent® Mouthpiece – fitted around your existing orthodontics – and turning on the Activator for 20 minutes every day, AcceleDent® Aura can speed up tooth movement by using SoftPulse Technology®. Faster tooth movement may decrease the duration of your orthodontic treatment and can even help to make your orthodontics more comfortable. Accelerated Invisalign.





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Clear aligners are an effective alternative to braces. Using a system of clear, removable trays to straighten teeth. Clear aligners are made to fit over your teeth and gradually move teeth into their proper position. Clear aligners for orthodontic treatment is not the best option for everyone. To find out if clear aligners are right for you, schedule a consultation today.

How do clear aligners work?

Clear aligners are an alternative to braces and are designed to gently guide teeth into position. Like braces, clear aligners use gradual force to control tooth movement but without any metal wires or brackets. Aligners are made with a strong plastic material and custom made to fit your mouth. Each aligner is created a little different so that each time you switch aligners, your teeth move a little more.

Aligners are worn for at least 20 hours each day for two weeks before putting in a new aligner. The length of your treatment depends on the severity of your case and can take anywhere between six months to two years.

Advantages of orthodontic treatment with clear aligners:

Clear aligners are a great alternative for patients who want a straighter smile but do not want to wear metal braces, or for patients who have had treatment in the past and want to make minor corrections to their smile. There are several advantages to orthodontic treatment with clear aligners.

  • Clear aligners are easier to keep clean, making it easier to maintain the health of your teeth and gums.
  • Clear aligners are comfortable and less likely to irritate your gums and cheeks.
  • Clear aligners prevent wear on the teeth from tooth grinding.
  • Clear aligners are removable so it's easier for you to brush and floss after meals.

If you're interested in orthodontic treatment with clear aligners, schedule an appointment and talk to your orthodontist about whether or not this is the right treatment option for you. Scheduling a consultation is your first step toward achieving the beautiful smile you have always wanted.

Do you live in Oceanside? It is our mission to provide a high quality experience for all who come in contact with our office by treating them with love and respect by putting their concerns above our own. We will give our utmost to make every patient comfortable during treatment by explaining procedures thoroughly and utilizing the most advanced techniques and technology available in dentistry. Our primary concerns are excellent treatment and quality relationships.
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Orthodontic treatment provides more benefits than simply a great smile. Did you know that orthodontic treatment, including both Invisalign® and traditional braces can produce the following health benefits:

  • Improved chewing function, which is the beginning of the digestive process
  • Increased cleansability of the teeth, which prevents periodontal inflammation, which has been linked to heart disease
  • Increased protection from Gingivitis
  • Increased potential resistance to inflammation
  • Easier and more effective flossing, which is linked to disease prevention
  • Creates a healthy functioning environment for the jaw joint (TMJ)

We consider ALL patients "Invisalign® Cases."


Orthodontics is more than just straightening teeth; it has to so with the overall bite, function, and harmony of the teeth, jaws, and muscles. Only a small percentage of Invisalign® providers truly have the experience to correct more than just minor problems.

As an Orthodontic Specialist, Dr. Adams trained extensively to see this as a complete system comprehensively, successfully treating over 1300 San Diego Invisalign® patients.

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